Why Should You Wear an Amethyst Stones Bracelet?

Why Should You Wear an Amethyst Stones Bracelet?

Amethyst stones are known for their stunning beauty. Since ancient times, this crystal has been considered as a stone of safety and peace. For ages, many people have used this amazing purple crystal for meditation and mending. This is the reason it is in the hearts and homes of a vast number of individuals. 

In this article, let’s unlock the hidden benefits of amethyst bracelet and delve deeper into the world of extraordinary benefits. 

Heals Your Body

This crystal is very good for cleaning and healing, so you can wear it to remove any blockage in your body, mostly in the liver, digestive system, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and heart. This is why it is often referred to as ‘The Great Healer’, thanks to its exceptional healing properties.


Amethyst can get rid of toxins from your body and enables better functioning of organs. So, the wearer is in good health and stays in a peaceful mood. A cleaner body translates to a cleaner mind and better mental health. 

Stay Protected

This is a powerful crystal that keeps you safe. To safeguard yourself from geopathic stress, mental attacks, electromagnetic smog, and energy vampires, you can use this stone. It can also help with jet lag by getting you back to earth with earthly energies. Place it around you to protect yourself from all harm.

Increases Your Aura

Amethyst, being a natural calming stone, reduces your stress and gives a sense of calmness. It will also help with headaches. It is known to possess the power to bring luck in marriage and love. You can safeguard yourself from negative energy and make your aura stronger. It eases worries and calms the mind. 

Natural Calming

This crystal naturally calms you down as it eases stress and tension, reduces mood swings, and stops irritability. It also gets rid of fear, anxiety, and anger. It can heal pain caused by sadness, sorrow, and loss. Since it helps you think positively, it’s a great choice of crystal for mental peace.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and regal elegance, you can experience all the above-discussed benefits of the powerful Amethyst stones. Embrace the mystical aura of this crystal by adorning yourself with an amethyst bracelet. 

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