Green Jade, Citrine, and Pyrite Stone Bracelet: Manifest Wealth With This Winning Combination

Green Jade, Citrine, and Pyrite Stone Bracelet: Manifest Wealth With This Winning Combination

Gemstones are extensively popular among alternative healing practitioners and spiritual seekers. You can wear them as jewelry, use them for meditation, or simply place them in your home or office to gain from their benefits. Depending on their energy and vibration, each gemstone serves a different purpose when it comes to manifestation. 

What if we say gemstones could aid you achieve your dream of financial success? If you are manifesting wealth, here’s a winning combination of crystals for your magical bracelet - Green Jade, Citrine, and Pyrite Stone Bracelet. These stones can assist you attract more prosperity and wealth into your life. 

Green Jade

Green Jade, also known as the prosperity stone, is a powerful crystal for bringing good fortune into your life. You can gain from this gemstone if you wish to start a new career or feel stuck in your present. It is extensively believed to connect you with your inner self, aiding you to realize your dreams.

Green Jade holds a unique position for its association with prosperity and financial stability. This elegant crystal has also been in demand for its immense beauty besides attracting wealth and giving a feeling of security in financial matters. 


Known for its healing abilities, Citrine promotes contentment and happiness. It is also renowned among healers for manifesting abundance and wealth. Often referred to as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’, it has an ability to attract success and wealth, making it the most preferred choice of healing crystal for individuals looking for financial prosperity. 

With its bright golden color that reminds of riches and sunlight, Citrine radiates positive energy for an environment of abundance. If we look back in history, merchants used to keep this crystal close to their wealth as they believed it attracted money and also maintained it. 


Crystal healers highly recommend the use of Pyrite in combination with Citrine as it is a powerful combination that protects you from negative thoughts. It is believed to attract good luck and money. Experts advise keeping pyrite in your office or locker for boosting prosperity. 

Pyrite’s resemblance to gold indicates riches and inspires a positive mindset and confidence, which are crucial for attracting wealth. Often employed in practices targeted at manifesting wealth goals, this gemstone is great for individuals who want to improve their economic stability. 

Integrate these crystals into your daily routines in the form of a Green Jade, Citrine, and Pyrite Stone Bracelet to soon experience financial success!

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