The Best 5 Healing Stones or Crystals for Happiness

The Best 5 Healing Stones or Crystals for Happiness

Healing stones have been around for a long time now. They are cherished for their healing properties and beauty, providing a unique blend of visual appeal and natural energy. There are several gemstones available, but certain crystals are known for their ability to foster positivity, joy, and an overall feel of wellbeing. Here are the best healing crystals for happiness. 


True to its name, Sunstone is known to foster positivity and good fortune. It’s believed to have immense power to induce happy feelings and enhance energy levels. It is a harbinger of spiritual energy.

The energy field created by this remarkable stone is a reservoir for long-term, sustained positive emotions. Sunstone is also known as the ‘Stone of Joy’.


The serene lavender color of amethyst symbolizes tranquility and peace, making it the perfect option for individuals looking for calmness amidst chaos.

It is believed to bring clarity to the mind, facilitate mental peace, and soothe worries, thus creating a situation where happiness can flourish. If you want joy to root down and flourish, Amethyst should be your choice of crystal. 


Radiating a golden yellow color, Citrine embodies the brightness of lemon zest, compelling you to embrace positivity and be joyful for no reason. Also known as the ‘merchant’s stone’, it is also known to bring an abundance of health, wealth, and luck.

If you are seeking healing stones that can uplift your spirits, citrine can provide you with a burst of happiness, energy, and hope. 


With a shining pale green hue, Aventurine exudes soothing vibes and is hailed to be the fortunate charm stone.

Giving an optimistic sense, this stone has its own way of instilling joy in the person flaunting this crystal. It also boosts charm, confidence, and leadership skills. 

Rose Quartz

With its gentle pink color, this stone radiates inner peace and unconditional love.

For individuals looking for self-acceptance or a loving partnership, rose quartz sets the path for affection to soften their defenses and guide them home into the embrace of the heart. 

With this list, you now have a handy list of healing stones that can bring profound joy and wellness into your life. Tap into their powerful healing properties and gain the most. 

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